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Get a completely customized roadmap to double the value of your agency in less than 12 months for FREE!

👉 This is a 100% free offer, there won’t be any upsells. We are NOT a coaching or consulting business.
We are an holding company looking to build close relationships with agency owners and make meaningful investments.

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Here's What You Get With This FREE Offer:

Professional Valuation

Find out the real market value of your agency, while unlocking its untapped potential. Our professional valuation exposes hidden opportunities and the critical bottlenecks that are stopping you from scaling.

Customized Action Plan

Experience accelerated growth with a prioritized action plan tailor-made for you. This blueprint is designed to help you maximize profitability immediately and multiply your business value for a potential exit.

Strategy Consulting Call

Get clear, focused advice on your unique business challenges with a strategy consulting call. This is your chance to discuss your agency's specific needs and get the insights you need to put more money in your pocket.

Here's What It Means To You:

Understand the actual financial health of your business with our clear and detailed valuation, giving you a solid starting point for setting growth goals.

Discover overlooked opportunities in your business that could become profitable with the right strategy, taking your agency to a new level of success.

Spot and fix any critical problems or challenges that are slowing down your progress, making your business run smoother and grow quicker.

Benefit from our premium business valuation, strategic planning, and consulting services, which could usually cost thousands of dollars, without spending anything.

Our custom plan, based on tried-and-true practices and adapted to your business, helps you avoid common missteps, letting you focus on what really works.

Gain effective, practical solutions to your specific business challenges, making all decisions easier and encouraging confident action.

Get a growth strategy that’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but one crafted specifically for your business, considering your unique situation, challenges, and goals.

By boosting your agency’s market value, you can attract more potential investors or buyers, giving your business the extra funds it needs to scale up.

Here's How The Process Works:

Step 1

Initial Discovery Call

You share about your agency's current situation, goals, and challenges, helping us understand your unique needs.

Step 2

Action Plan Buildout

Based on your information, we assess the value of your agency and draw up a roadmap to drive your business growth.

Step 3

Strategy Consulting Call

Finally, we walk you through your custom action plan, highlighting implementation strategies and answering your questions.

Harness the Power of Exponential Growth with Cortes Ventures

Established in 2012, Cortes Ventures is not your ordinary holding company. We are your growth partners, providing more than just investment – we provide a shared journey. Our hands-on experience in running and scaling online businesses makes us uniquely equipped to understand and address your challenges.

Our partnerships are built on a shared culture of nurturing relationships, prioritizing actions with the most significant impact, and striving to unlock the full potential in every agency we work with. We believe in providing value first, as it builds the bedrock of trust and sets the stage for mutual growth. 

Here are our 4 core areas of expertise:

Growth Funnels

By using direct response copywriting and efficient media buying, we engineer growth funnels that escalate business development and foster long-term success.

People Management

With extensive experience in hiring and managing diverse teams, we've created a robust infrastructure for agency growth. Our strong culture and effective operational management make us an employer of choice.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Expanding our portfolio through strategic acquisitions is part of our core focus. Equipped with financial, legal, and operational know-how, we excel in doing M&A deals.

Tech Development

Our team of dedicated developers helps to streamline operations, reduce costs and drive efficiency across our portfolio agencies, giving them a competitive edge in a fast-paced digital landscape.

Still Have Questions? Read Our FAQs:

Cortes Ventures is an investment company with an emphasis on building strong relationships with digital agency owners. Unlike coaching or consulting businesses, we do not use this offer as a lead magnet for upselling; in fact, we don’t have anything to sell.

The reason behind this free business valuation and growth plan is twofold: it allows us to foster robust relationships with you, the agency owners, and it also helps us create a steady stream of potential investment and acquisition targets, which is what we refer to as “deal flow”.

By offering this free, comprehensive service, we can engage with and understand your business in a way that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. We aim to provide an insane level of value upfront by identifying your unique business challenges and creating a custom growth plan that suits your specific needs.

This level of commitment on our part, we believe, will lay the foundation for a strong relationship that, if it aligns with both our visions, could possibly lead to a discussion about a potential investment or acquisition.

This offer is truly a win-win situation: we get to meet potential investment targets, and you get a wealth of valuable insights, free of charge.

The goal of our free business valuation and growth plan is to deliver a roadmap custom-tailored to your agency. To do this, we need comprehensive insights into your business. This involves your financial data—like earnings, costs, and debt—as well as operational details, such as your services, clientele, team structure, and current growth strategies.

We understand the sensitivity of such information, and we ensure it’s handled with complete confidentiality. If you prefer, we can formalize this commitment by signing an NDA. Remember, detailed and accurate information leads to a customized growth plan, designed to maximize your agency’s performance and profitability.

We use your information purely to tailor our business valuation and growth strategies to your agency’s specific circumstances. It helps us discern your business’s standing and the potential avenues for growth. While doing so, we highly prioritize the confidentiality of your sensitive data. It is utilized solely for the purpose of creating your growth plan and not shared or used in any other way.

If it adds to your peace of mind, we’re more than willing to sign an NDA to assure you of our dedication to privacy and confidentiality. Your confidence in us enhances our ability to provide you with the most effective strategies for your business expansion.

Our free valuation process is meticulous, precise, and tailored specifically to digital agencies. We kick off the process with an in-depth financial review, taking a comprehensive look at EBITDA multiples, a key determinant of your agency’s value and profitability. We also dive into your revenue trends and expense patterns, offering a clearer picture of your business’s financial health and trajectory.

A significant part of our valuation process is evaluating the level of risk inherent in your business. This involves a thorough risk assessment covering legal, financial, platform stability, market conditions, and even the dependence on the owner—an aspect that’s often overlooked but is of paramount importance for potential buyers or investors.

We also carefully analyze the diversity of your services, prioritizing agencies with a solid base of recurring retainer contracts over those heavily dependent on project-based work. This reflects your agency’s stability and predictability of income, a highly attractive aspect for potential partners.

Our valuation further considers the size, skills, and organization of your team. A competent team and clear, well-implemented SOPs speak volumes about your agency’s operational efficiency.

Lastly, we evaluate your customer acquisition strategy—its predictability and scalability. This allows us to gauge your agency’s growth potential, an essential component of its valuation. Executed by our seasoned team, this exhaustive, industry-specific approach ensures a highly accurate and trustworthy valuation.

The initial discovery call is a great opportunity for us to get to know your agency and for you to learn more about Cortes Ventures. During the call, we’ll explore the ins and outs of your agency—from operations, team composition, and customer acquisition strategy to financial standing and service offerings.

Our objective is to identify strengths to build on and challenges to address, providing a snapshot of where your agency stands today and where it could go tomorrow. We’ll also share insights into our approach to business growth, the tools and methodologies we employ, and how we can customize our strategies to your specific needs.

This exchange of information will give you a deeper understanding of your agency’s potential for growth, the steps to get there, and how Cortes Ventures can be an instrumental partner in that journey.

The custom growth plan we create for you is highly detailed and tailored to your agency’s unique needs and circumstances. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in the digital agency space, so we create a plan that aligns with your agency’s goals, market position, and operational realities.

It includes an in-depth analysis of your business operations, financial health, customer acquisition strategy, service offerings, and team structure. We provide clear recommendations, tangible steps, and realistic timelines for each strategy and initiative.

The path to growth and expansion varies from one business to another. The effectiveness of our growth plan depends on the unique context of your agency—its current standing, operational efficiencies, market conditions, and so forth. That being said, our experience indicates that most businesses start seeing results within the first few months of implementing our growth strategies.

It’s crucial to understand that while some tactics might yield immediate results, substantial and enduring growth is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re committed to helping you achieve not just quick wins, but also long-term success.

Once you have your custom growth plan in hand, the decision on how to proceed lies entirely with you. If you are enthusiastic about the plan and wish to implement it, we’d be thrilled to assist or partner with you.

However, please remember, there is no obligation or commitment on your part. Cortes Ventures is an investment company and our mission with this offer is to build relationships and identify potential investment opportunities, by providing an invaluable service to you upfront.

Any further discussions about potential investment or acquisitions would only be initiated if it’s mutually beneficial and makes sense for all parties involved.

Our aim is to provide you with the tools and insights you need to grow your business, with complete freedom and zero pressure.

Get Your Custom Action Plan And Double The Value Of Your Agency In Less Than 12 Months For FREE!

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